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A victory for climate skeptics

This news is a about a month old. I'm ashamed to say I didn't blog about  it at the time because it completely slipped under my radar. But it's important enough to still report, even though it is late. (And the fact that it took me a month to learn about it indicates it hasn't been reported widely enough).

The victory I refer to is the dismissal of a complaint brought by the University Of East Anglia (of climategate fame) against the London Daily Telegraph, as reported by James Delingpole in his blog.

UEA had brought a complaint to  the Press Complaints  Commission regarding Delingpoles blog, particularly a comment that referred to UEA researcher Phil Jones as   "disgraced, FOI-breaching,email-deleting, [and] scientific-method abusing." Much of the ruling pointed out that much of what Delingpole was presented as opinion, and therefore not subject to charges of inaccuracy.

But not all of it. "FOI-breaching" and "email-deleting" are not matters of opinion. They are not only not matters of opinion, they are verifiably true. The PCC cited emails in the dumped UEA archives . Phil Jones did in fact discuss breaching FOI and deleting emails. (The ruling ,which can be found in it's entirety in the linked article contains excerpts from the relevant emails.)

The accusation of "scientific-method abusing" was deemed to be an opinion, but an opinion that had "some grounds". Their basis was the controversial "hide the decline" email. I was gratified to see this, because so many AGW advocates said there was nothing to that if it was properly understood. Defenders of East Anglia said  that this did not refer to a decline in actual temperatures, which is true. But that's not the end of the story. The decline in question was in his record of temperature proxies, and cast doubt upon the usefulness of those proxies. That's enough to be concerned about.

This finding was quite heartening. Many have, on the basis of some exonerative reviews, have said that there is nothing of import in the East Anglia emails. This finding shows that a reasonable person can conclude that they do have disturbing implications. And Delingpole points out that  "the PCC’s ruling must be among the first by any quasi-official body anywhere in the world to take the side of a Climate Change sceptic rather than that of the Warmist establishment." That's good news indeed.

Mr.Delingpole started his blog post "I wasn't going to crow;really I wasn't." I'm glad he crowed;he deserved to. In fact, I wished he had crowed a little louder. This might not have stayed under my radar for a month. :)

In related news, it has been unseasonably cool for the last couple of days.