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Poetry Reading After Action Report 5/12/2011

I had been very busy with  finals and grading, so I wasn't even sure I would make it to tonight's poetry reading. At the last minute, I decided I could squeeze it in, so I hurriedly printed off several old poems and headed off to the reading. I had nothing original.

Having nothing original was a mistake. When I ordered my coffee, the barista asked me "Do you have a haiku about Bin Laden?."

DOH. I slapped my forehead with great vigor. I really have been busy. How else could I forget to write a haiku about the most talked about dead person since Elvis?

The reading hadn't started yet, and I was reading last, so I had time to crank something out. I ended up scribbling the following on the back of one of my other poems:

Osama Bin Laden

Let us not debate
About credit or process
Just be glad he's dead

I hadn't decided which of my old poems to read yet, and so I just decided to read whatever poem was on the other side of the haiku. It turned out to be Night And Day , a poem I'd written some time ago about Elle.

When I got up to the mic I explained  the circumstances under which the Bin Laden haiku was written. Expectations management is important. Both the haiku and my other poem seemed to go over fairly well.

I called Elle after the reading and told her I'd read a poem about her. I was surprised when she said I had never shared this poem with her. I really thought I had. I promptly corrected this very gross oversight and read it to her over the phone. She seemed pleased with it.

It was a good poetry reading. Actually , it was 2 good poetry readings. :)
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