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My Memorial Day Weekend

I was completely lazy during my long weekend, but don't feel particularly guilty about it. Sometimes you have to recharge your batteries.

I spent a lot of time at the coffee shop of course. I ran into a friend who had very recently become an uncle. I told him he was going to have a lot of fun. Being an uncle has all the joys of parenthood with none of the downside. He shared something interesting with me about the birth. The father took a picture of the baby right after it was born and posted on facebook. So the father's facebook friends (or at least some of them) got to see the baby before my friend (the uncle) got to see it in real life. Oh these changing times.

My friend lexvonrockets . and her lovely companion Nikolai came to the coffee shop Saturday night and brought their pet ferrets George and Martha (not their real names.) Nikolai told me something about ferrets I didn't know. Ferrets were named after the verb "to ferret" and not the other way around. I learn so many interesting things at the coffee shop.

I went to a potluck at lvr's house last night. Nikolai cooked some delicious latkas and I was there until 3 AM. (We watched and discussed some movies...the latkas were good,but they weren't  that good.)

Today I partook of two of my favorite guilty indulgences. The first was to have brunch at IHOP. I ran into an old student (let's call him Harry) while waiting for a table. This was quite a stroke of luck. He just happened to be in town from Connecticut for the long weekend. We ate together and talked about old times and the current state of IT.

The other guilty indulgence was going to the used book store next door. They give you 10% off if you bring in a receipt from the IHOP. I realized that I'd forgotten the check and went back in the IHOP to get it. The table had been cleared. One of the waitresses asked me if I was looking for my sunglasses. I didn't have any sunglasses, so they must have belonged to Harry who (interestingly enough) I had seen entering the used bookstore. They made me a new receipt and handed me Harry's sunglasses. Harry was still in the book store when I went back in there, so I was able to give him back his glasses. I showed a little more restraint than usual and only bought one book, a collection of Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton.

If I had shown more discipline about diet and finance, and stayed away from the IHOP and the used bookstore, poor Harry might have never gotten his sunglasses back. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.