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I had a good day yesterday, as far as both productivity and personal happiness go. I read all of The Brief And Frightening Reign Of Phil, which lexvonrockets  had loaned to me and got two of the three tests I'd given this week graded. That night Elle called me with a math question. She was reading a paper about an algorithm that used primitive roots. She was not familiar with primitive roots, and asked me what I knew about them.

I told her I knew the primitive roots of all the prime numbers less than 100. That was not what she was asking, but I could not resist showing off. After flexing my math muscles for her, I explained to her what primitive roots are. 

For those unfamiliar, r is a primitive root of a prime number p if the smallest number k such that rk mod p=1 is p.

I just reread that last sentence and realize there are two things I  need to put on my to-do list:
  • learn how to write predicate calculus in HTML
  • quit showing off about stuff nobody cares about
Fortunately for me, Elle cares about primitive roots. Or at least did when she called me. She told me  I was very helpful.

I felt so manly.
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