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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 6/9/2011

Once again I showed up at the poetry reading without any memorial haiku or any other new poems. I didn't even have one for Jack Kevorkian. In fact, I didn't know he died until very shortly before the reading. Either I am slipping in my old age or I am even busier than I realize. A guy whose hobby is writing obituaries shouldn't be take by surprise by the death of Jack Kevorkian.

I also didn't have one for Jeff Conaway. He played Bobby Wheeler on Taxi, and his career went steadily downhill after that. He was plagued by severe back problems and an addiction to painkillers. His last gig, which was really sad to watch, was on Celebrity Rehab. It's ironic that his character on Taxi was a struggling actor. Sometimes life imitates art. He had a sad life, and I feel a little bad about not writing him a haiku.

I brought three poems about or inspired by  members of my family. Family was on my mind after last weekend, so I thought that would make a good theme. I read a poem about my niece, which I'm not going to include here because it contains her real name. I had two poems about my father. One was The Quest, which was inspired by seeing him in the hospital near the end of his life. I also read My Father's Eyes.

Later in the evening Matilda, the barista for the evening, told me she really enjoyed my poems. I was so flattered I gave her my hard copies. She gave me a hug.

I like hugs. And I like knowing that I write hug-worthy poems.