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A Conversation About Global Warming

I was sitting outside the coffee shop last night with my friends Gilbert and Bertha. Gilbert made a remark about how cool it was, and I said "How can it be cool when we have global warming?"

Bertha gave me a look and said "It's CLIMATE CHANGE."

I pointed out that it was called global warming, until the earth stopped warming.

She asked why it was so hot last week.

I was going to ask "So we're back to global warming now?" and point out that she had moved the goal post twice in a very short argument. But before I had a chance to , she said that she didn't want to argue. "I'm not going to change your mind, and you're not going to change my mind, so we should just agree to disagree."

I was a little surprised by this. I almost always get tired of arguing before my liberal friends do. I was fine with that. I also appreciated  her tacit admission that there is room for disagreement on the issue of global warming. It was a refreshing alternative to the "science is settled" canard.