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A Coincidence

Since I've been on facebook, I've been making friends with people from many different periods of my life, and have been  pretty successful. I even found Jed Snopes.

I still had not found Jerry Mondello*, a good  friend from my 4th grade class. I did some searching, and I found someone from with that name who lived nearby,and looked like he might be the right age.  I sent him a friend request, with a note saying when and where I knew the Jerry Mondello I was looking for.

He sent a note back saying he was much older than the Jerry Mondello I was looking for, but that in the early 60's  he did have a calculus teacher in college with the same name as me. He asked if I was related.

My father has the same name as me, and it's a fairly unusual name. He was teaching calculus then. So this  Jerry Mondello wasn't my old 4th grade schoolmate, but he was one of my father's old students. On his end, I wasn't his old calculus teacher, but I was that teacher's  son.

I had to post this for Father's Day. It's not very warm and fuzzy, but I hope it's interesting enough to make up for any lack of emotional resonance.

* not his real name