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Not really. But there does seem to be a cottage industry in studies that try to establish just that. Many of them are flawed. I posted about one of these flawed studies just last year. And then there was one from The University Of Maryland  that purported to show Fox News viewers (the standard liberal proxy for conservatives) to be more misinformed than other people. This has been handily debunked by the folks at Accuracy In Media.

Jon Stewart got himself in trouble with this last one, when he stated that "every poll" shows Fox viewers to be less misinformed. By "every poll" he meant the study mentioned above. The problem with the study, as Rich Noyes pointed out in his Newsbusters article, is that many of the matters Fox viewers are wrong about are more correctly cast as matters of opinion.

I understand someone could dismiss Newsbusters and AIM as conservative and therefore biased parties. But Politifact, not a conservative outfit, deemed Stewart's claim about Fox viewers to be false  (albeit on different grounds from Rich Noyes.)

The problem goes deeper than Jon Stewart. If he, or anyone else, believes conservatives are stupid, he is certainly entitled to his opinion.
The problem is when this opinion is wrapped up in a study and presented as scientific fact.  Then of course anyone who attempts to refute it (even with scientific arguments) is cast as "anti-science" and not to be listened to.

I can't help but wonder if some leftist might see this title on a google search (heh...like this blog ever shows up) and say "AHA!! I knew it all along." It wouldn't surprise me.