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Happy Tau Day!!!

If you are unfamiliar with tau day, it is a day in honor of the constant tau, or two times pi. If you are familiar with Tau day, you probably need to work on your social life.

Just as March 14 (3/14) is pi day, so today (6/28, or pi day times 2) is tau day.

I first learned about tau day after reading  The Tau Manifesto by Michael Hartl, in which he claims that tau (circumference divided by radius) is a better choice for the circle constant than pi (circumference divided by diameter). His manifesto was in support of an argument first made by Bob Palais in his Mathematical Intelligencer paper, Pi Is Wrong.

Being a natural contrarian, as well as someone who tends to be stuck in his ways, I've  thought of numerous counter-arguments to Hartl's position, but I'll not make those arguments now. Today is tau's day, and it should be respected. I'll save my contrary arguments for pi day.

And I'll also concede that Hartl makes an excellent case for Tau Day being observed regardless of the merits of pi. Both today's month (6) and date (28) are perfect numbers. So as Hartl observes, it is a perfect day.

Happy tau day everyone!