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Yet Another Epiphany

A little bit of introspection can be a good thing, as long as it doesn't turn into obsessive navel-gazing. That is why, as I sat in the coffee shop this morning feeling unusually happy and self-confident, I asked myself exactly why I had been so happy and self-confident lately.

I was certainly happy that my busy period of teaching an overload was over. But that only explained the happy part, not the self-confident part. Thinking further, I realized the reason I was happy and self-confident was that I had just finished working my butt off to make a lot of money.
The money makes me happy, and having actually earned it makes me self-confident.

My attitude goes against a lot of conventional wisdom. There are a lot of bromides that are critical of  productivity and achievement. Two that come to mind are "I'm a human being, not a human doing" and "Nobody ever says 'I wished I'd spent more time at the office' on their death bed".

Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse, has recently attempted to prove that second one with some empirical evidence.In a blog post entitled Regrets Of The Dying, she says one of the most common regrets dying people express is "I wished I didn't work so hard." In fact, she says this was expressed by every male patient she's ever had.

I'm a little bit incredulous about "every", but I'll take her word for it. All I know is, if Ms. Ware is my caretaker during my last days, she'll not hear that from me.

I'll just tell her I'm glad I am that I didn't waste these past 5 weeks  smelling roses and looking at sunsets.