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Hail and Farewell Glenn Beck part II

Glenn Beck did has last show about a week ago. I didn't watch it. Elle did, and was very sad to see him go. Even though I wasn't a regular viewer like Elle was, I think it's a damn shame he's not on the air anymore.

I'm really more unhappy about the reason that the show was canceled than I am about the cancellation itself. It's true that his ratings were slipping, and unquestionably true that he was controversial. But the main cause of his cancellation was a boycott of his sponsors. I'd mostly heard about this boycott from conservative web sites, but I recently found an article on the alternet blog, that speaks about this boycott in glowing terms. It also gives the boycott most of the credit for the cancellation of Beck's show.

I've complained about this to liberal friends, and some of them have responded with "Well that's the market working." They have a point. I would be a little uneasy about legislation designed to curb such boycotts.  That doesn't mean it's not a despicable practice. Not supporting someone you disagree with is fine. It's not just fine, it's essential to a free society. Driving them from the public square is another matter.

I disagree with the views of Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. So I don't watch their programs. That's the extent of my boycott. I don't know who their sponsors are , and don't really care. If I happen to accidentally do business with one of their sponsors, I am perfectly OK with that.
I don't let politics guide my every decision in life.

Maybe conservatives should have launched a counter-boycott (i.e. telling sponsors they will lose business if they pull their ads from Beck's show.) But it would have been better still if this were not an issue.