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"Except All The Others"

I was chatting with Elle on the phone today, and I asked her if she ever had any doubts about capitalism. She said "no" and asked rather sternly "why, do you?".

I really don't. But I have witnessed it's downside a couple of times recently. Specifically, I've seen a couple of cases of creative destruction I wasn't too crazy about. The first one was when I tried to do something about the broken thermostat for my HVAC.,  I called  the service I always use to ask them to put in a new one. I got a "this number is temporarily disconnected" message. Businesses usually don't let that happen to their telephone service while they are still in business. But denial dies hard,so I drove down to their store Friday afternoon. The sign was still up, but the parking lot was deserted and the place was locked. After that it was harder to hang onto my illusions, so I called another place and I've got a service call for tomorrow. I did a little research about them online, but I'm still not sure if they will be as honest and reasonably priced as the old service.

The other case occurred Saturday. It was 3:00 and I hadn't eaten all day. I was hungry and wanted breakfast food. I didn't want to eat at IHOP because when I eat there I always end up buying books I'll probably never read at the used book store next door. So I drove to the nearest Bob Evans. They were out of business too. I ended up eating at Denny's.

After I told her these two stories, she asked me if I thought the government should have stepped in to keep my old service in business. That was really all she needed to say.Of course I didn't. A government with enough power to keep them in business would also have enough power to turn them into a completely different kind of enterprise from the one I've enjoyed dealing with all these years.

Capitalism has it's flaws, but so does every other system. What Winston Churchill said about democracy also applies to capitalism. It's worst system there is, except all the others.