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Poetry Reading After Action Report 7/14/2011

There was a pretty decent turnout at the poetry reading last night. I had brought 3 memorial haiku, two for Peter Falk and one for Betty Ford.
It's a bit of a fluke that I had two for Peter Falk. I had written a haiku about him very shortly after I learned of his death. When I saved it, I got the message "Peter Falk.txt" already exists. I'd forgotten I'd already written one for him.

A while back Falk was having trouble with dementia and was the subject of a custody battles. I assumed the end was near for him and wrote a haiku in advance. 

Jonathan asked me if I had written a haiku for Sherwood Schwartz. Once again, a celebrity death slipped under my radar. Fortunately I was reading last and was able to whip one up for him before my turn at the mic.

One of the readers before me had a particularly memorable poem. Richard Allen Taylor had a poem called (I think) Escartment. It was about all the metaphorical escartments we face in life, but also contained some playful musings about how cool it is to know a big word like escartment. I must confess I didn't know this word before last night. I'm really glad I made it to the poetry reading now.

Here are the haiku I read:

Sherwood Schwartz

Sit back. Here a tale
of three lovely Bradys and
A three-hour tour

Peter Falk 1

cigar and raincoat
one burned, one never cleaned
always invoke  you

Peter Falk  2

You lived a long life
Still, I wish you'd had time for
Just one more question

Betty Ford

You'll be remembered
By wayward celebrities
You gave them a home

I sang the last line of the Sherwood Schwartz haiku. That's cheesy, I know. But cheesiness is permissible in a poem about Sherwood Schwartz. Hell it's mandatory.