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Poetry Reading After-Action Report 8/11/2011

I didn't do my usual memorial haiku this time, even though Amy Winehouse had died. Instead, I read a couple of poems by Elisabeth Pruitt-Brown, who was married to one of my internet friends until her death in 1998. (If the internet friend wishes to identify himself in a comment, he can feel free...I just don't want to link his username to any identifying information without his consent.) I'd been wanting to do this for a while because I was quite impressed with her poetry when I first read it.

When it was my turn to read, I gave a brief introduction, sharing what I knew of her. I also informed everyone her first name is spelled with an "s" in case they wanted to google her. After that I read Daisy and Wings for Icarus.  People seemed to enjoy them. One of my friends on the way out said "She was a talented young lady." Indeed she was.