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A Productive Day

Today was my first day of classes. I went through all my policies and gave a brief overview of topics in the three that met today. I gave a homework assignment in my data structures class and got the turn-in page set up on moodle. An advisee dropped in and I was able to help him solve  a problem with  his schedule. I met with a student who was unhappy with his summer school grade and managed to convince him it was fair.

On my way back to my office from one of my classes I was stopped by a 30-something man who had been a student here in the 90's. He reminded me of a math problem I'd helped him with when he was here, and even remembered the quip I'd made afterwards. I am always happy to know I've helped students in their intellectual development, but what's really gratifying is when they remember the jokes. :)

But none of that is why I found this day to be so productive. Today I found out who the boyfriend and book are in the title of Hilary Winston's My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me. I saw it in the University bookstore one day and was curious enough to pick it up.  I skimmed through and learned that her ex's book contained the sentence "my fat-ass girlfriend takes groundlings classes". Apparently Ms. Winston has a weight problem and took groundlings classes. The brief skimming was not sufficient to learn the name of the offending book, and I didn't want to waste a lot of time turning pages to find the answer to an admittedly trivial question.

But knowing the question was  trivial did not quench my curiousity. So today I googled the sentence about the fat-ass girlfriend, and after a few tweaks, learned that the boyfriend is one Chad Kultgen and the offending book is The Average American Male.Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I was able to glean the information I desired without buying or even reading Ms. Winston's book. Which is good, because  there is probably a man law that says I'm supposed to read his book first.