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A Favorite Flintstones Episode

I am a huge Flintstones fan, but I acknowledge it gets a lot of science and history wrong. Granted, no one should look to a Hanna-Barbera cartoon as a source of education. The Flintstones never led me to believe that humans coexisted with dinosaurs. I did get one wrong idea from the Flintstones. For a very long time I believed the dodo was a prehistoric animal because they talked about them on the Flintstones. Since my parents cared enough about me to have encyclopedias in the house, which I read voraciously, I was finally corrected on this matter.

Droop Along Flinstone, which I watched last night during a bout of insomnia, is one of my favorite episodes largely because it has a rare moment of scientific accuracy. In this episode, Fred and Wilma go out west to housesit for Fred's wealthy cousin Tumbleweed. On the way out, they stop to see the Grand Canyon.

And it's just a little creek, which it probably was in prehistoric times. Wilma complains it's not worth seeing, but Fred assures her it will be really big one day. After thousands of years of erosion of course. I enjoyed the rare moment of sound science on the Flintstones, and the even rarer moment of Fred actually being the smart one.