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Poetry Reading After Action Report 9/8/2011

Albert Jay Nock wrote the following in the introduction to his Memoirs Of A Superfluous Man:

I have led a singularly uneventful life, largely solitary, have had little to do with the great of the earth, and no part whatever in their affairs or for that matter, in any other affairs. Hence my autobiography would be like the famous chapter on owls in Bishop Pontoppidan's history of Iceland. The good bishop wrote simply that there are no owls in Iceland, and that one sentence was the whole of his chapter.

They are relevant to last night's poetry reading. Just as Nock participated very little in the world, I did not participate at all in last night's poetry reading. It always begins at 8:00 on the second Thursday of every month, and I teach every Thursday this semester until 9:15 PM. So I was no more present at last night's poetry reading than an owl is in iceland. Alas.