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Today in the coffee shop

I don't have classes or office hours on Friday, so I decided to be a little lazy and stop by the coffee shop. A woman of particularly memorable appearance came in while I was there. She had muscular arms so perfectly chiseled they would make most male bodybuilders feel quite inadequate. They weren't huge and were in fact about an average size for a female arm. If the hypothetical body builder I mentioned earlier valued size over definition,  he could still feel secure 
in his masculinity.

The second most memorable thing about her appearance was her very striking thick auburn hair. That was enough to make me look, but her arms were what made me remember her. She was wearing a long black dress. This traditionally feminine attire provided an interesting counterpoint to her arms.

I hadn't planned on writing about the coffee shop today. I was either not going to make an entry, or write about something of broader interest.
But when one of the first people you see during the  day is a walking talking writing exercise, you have to do the assignment you've been given.