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International Festival

Today was the 36th International Festival at UNCC. It's one of our most enduring traditions. In my mind, attendance is an even more essential to being part of the University than support of our basketball team.

People go for different reasons. Some go for tradition, some for educational purposes, and still others for the food. I go for the first and third reasons. I love the international food. I've started my own subtradition of getting Hmong sausage every year. There's a lot of sausage for sale at the ifest. You can get it at the booths for Germany, Italy, Poland, and Bosnia. But the Hmong are the only non-european booth to sell sausage. As far as I know, they are the only Asian culture to have their own sausage. I could be wrong about that though. I'm not very cosmopolitan.

A young lady from the Cambodian booth was walking around with a sign, advertising their food. As indicated earlier, I like food, so I followed her. I am also interested in Cambodian culture.

I arrived at  the Cambodian booth and got some pork dumplings. They didn't sell any beverages, so I got some apple soda from the adjacent Colombian booth. I'd never heard of apple soda pop before, much less drank it. Like I said, I am not very cosmopolitan.

My next stop was the Italian booth. I'd seen on facebook earlier that  Kathy,one of the barristas at the coffee shop couldn't make it because she was working. She said that if anyone brought her some food from the festival that had meat in it, she would give them a big hug. Thus my stop by the Italian booth. I purchased two meatball subs. One of them was for me, even though I had no business eating anything else after the sausage and the pork dumplings.

I left the festival and stopped by the coffee shop, meatball sandwiches in hand. Kathy greeted me, as promised, with a big hug. She told me I was amazing (which was really nice, since she promised no accolades...just a hug) .  We unwrapped our sandwiches and had a very nice lunch together.

There's nothing that makes a day like good food and good company. And cultural enrichment is a very nice bonus.