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A Home Repair

I made a home repair today I am really proud of.  It was a simple home repair, something most would not consider worthy of a blog entry.
And it wouldn't be if I weren't so extremely unhandy. My skills in that area go about as far as changing a lightbulb. You could say they go exactly that far...I can change the bulbs in my overhead lights  but am defeated in my attempts to get the globe back on. (There is a lot of harsh light in my house).

Tuesday night I noticed the light bulb in one of the lamps in my living room had gone out.  There were two lamps, but the bulb in the other one had gone out a long time ago. So I replaced the bulb, turned on the lamp, and nothing happened. I tried putting the bulb in the other lamp, and again nothing happened. After a few more experiments, I determined I wasn't getting any electricity in that part of my house.

I figured it was a circuit breaker problem. It was bedtime, and the laundry room where the circuit box was  had no lights, so I decided to go to bed and try to fix it in the morning.

This morning I saw that one of the breakers had indeed flipped off. So I flipped it back on, and it immediately flipped back off again. I tried a few more times, and it still didn't work.

I really hated the idea of calling an electrician just because I couldn't get a breaker switched back on. I didn't want to spend the money, and I didn't want the embarrassment of finding out it was a very simple problem.

I have an old freezer in the laundry room that doesn't work any more. I tried unplugging it, even though I didn't think it would make that much difference.

It did. I was able to flip the breaker and power was restored.

I know many people reading this are giggling at my struggle to fix such a simple problem. But it was a big leap for me. I have a hard time working with anything more tangible than Euclidean geometry.

And I'm glad I fooled around with the problem a little more before calling an electrician. That really would have been embarrassing. The desire to experiment came from the same part of me that doesn't like to ask for directions when I'm driving. I like to solve my own problems myself.

I saved myself some money and saved myself from looking stupid , all because I was too proud to ask for help. I'm glad  I am like that. Even more than what I learned about electricity and circuit breakers, that's the prime lesson here.