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A Trip To The Used Book Store

The word "trip" is probably excessive. The used book store is near my house and I go there all the time.  The location is convenient, there are lots of cheap books for sale, and there are two very lovely and charming young ladies working there whom I am very fond of.  I will call them Scarlet and Crystal. Scarlet is a sassy redhead who's studying theater and has a pout that could empty a man's bank account. Crystal is a sweet southern gal who likes to call people "sweetie" and "hun". I might be able to resist the urge to see them if they worked in a hardware store. But they don't.

I've purchased lots and lots of books there. I can't really blame Scarlet and Crystal. They never pressure me to buy anything.

That's probably because I buy books without any pressure. I did today. I stopped by and Crystal was working. I browsed around the shop, expecting to remain strong. I didn't of course. I saw a copy of Rashomon And Other Stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. This was hard to resist.
I've never seen the movie Rashomon and have always wanted to.  Reading the short story would be just as good though.

Like many people I use the term "Rashomon" when I describe any story where different characters have different versions of something that happened. I've used this term for Alan Rudolph's Mortal Thoughts and episode 58 of All In The Family. I always feel pretentious doing this without having seen the movie.

But reading the original story would be just as good. It would actually be better. When I mention Rashomon and someone asks "Oh, have you seen the movie?" I can smile condescendingly  and say "No, but I've read the book."

So the book was a very justifiable purchase. I should add that I picked up a copy of  June 1941:Hitler And Stalin by John Lukacs. That was not quite as justifiable, but I left the store still having read one more book than I've purchased. And it was very nice to see Crystal.