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I recently learned something interesting about the country of Poland. It is ruled by identical twins, Lech and Jaroslav Kaczinski. Lech is the president  and Jaroslav is prime minister. They are also former child actors. Identical twins are often used to play  a single child (ala Mary Kate and Ashley) so that they don't have to work one child longer than is necessary. This is not the case with the Kaczinski brothers.  They both played actual twins in the 1962 Polish film  The Two Who Stole The Moon.

Two other actors that are also twins are Linda Hamilton and Conrad Bain (no, they are not each others twins). However, they are not leaders of an eastern European country.

This is my 91st entry. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I find 91 to be a very interesting number.


your such a dork...which is part of why you're so awesome.
Well that is very sweet. I would have been content to be awesome in spite of being a dork.