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Hugs and a cookie

On my way to the student union to get lunch today, I noticed a group of young asian women, one of whom was holding up a sign that said "free hugs".  As I drew nearer, I heard one of them say "give us a dollar and you get a free hug!".

"They can't fool me" I thought to myself "if you pay a dollar, the hug isn't free."

Being the smartass that I am, I stopped to tell them this. Before I could say anything, one of them asked me "Do you want a cookie for a dollar?"

A cookie? I didn't know anything about a cookie. I like cookies!

"Do I get a hug too?"

"You get seven hugs!!".

I gave them the dollar and got a chocolate chip cookie. (This young lady was so slick I didn't even think to ask what kind of cookie it was). Then seven lovely young Asian women gave me a hug. The dollar went to the Asian Student Sisterhood, whatever that is. It looked like a good cause.

Damn I'm easy. A lot easier than I thought I was.