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November 11

Last night I was in Macado's having a very late supper (it was after 11:00) and reading Jess Walter's excellent Citizen Vince. One of the characters had gone to visit the grave of a daughter who had died in infancy. On the grave it said


I did a double take. March 9th is my birthday. This fictional dead infant had the same birthday as me.Then I looked at the date of her death. At first I thought "hey that's today!"  but then remembered it was only November 10th. Or was it? Like I said, I was having a very late supper. I took out my cell phone to look at the time. Alas, it was only 11:30. I was disappointed, and found myself wishing my supper was even later than it was.

But it's Nov.11th now, and in addition to many other things, it is the 33rd anniversary of this fictional child's death. That's kind of interesting.

The reader this might think I am too easily fascinated. That's probably true. What's also true is that I was really desperate to find something to say about today (11/11/11 AND Veteran's Day) that hasn't already been said a million times on the internet. I'm grateful to have stumbled across that tidbit of material last night during my late supper.