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Writer's Block: Reading corner

Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.

My natural preference is for non-fiction, but I have been reading a lot more fiction this year. This was largely caused by the used book store that opened up near my home recently. There's something about a used book store that makes readers go outside their comfort zone. When I go into a regular bookstore, it's almost always to buy a specific book. This is almost always a book dealing with subject matter I'd like to learn more about. When I go into a used bookstore, it's to browse and buy whatever looks interesting. Very often this ends up being fiction.

So I've purchased and read a lot of fiction this year. I've gotten some clunkers, such as John Barth's Coming Soon!!, which is quite  possibly the worst novel I've ever read. I've purchased a few sure things, such as Larry McMurtry's Comanche Moon. I've also discovered a couple of novelists who write such entertaining and compelling work they could turn me back into a fiction fan again. I refer specifically to Jess Walter and Gary Shteyngart.