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Outtake from 10/18/2010

As I said earlier, one of my plans for Nablopomo is to post some things I wanted to include in earlier entries, but didn't because either they weren't closely related enough to the central topic. In other words, outtakes. Today's outtake is from this post:

Barbara Billingsley vs. Benoit Mandelbrot

It was mostly musings on the fact that Barbara Billingsley's death was so close to Benoit Mandelbrot's. I had some things I wanted to say in defense of Leave It To Beaver, but that would have made the post too cluttered. I'll say those things now.

A lot of people criticize LITB for being unrealistic, because the family was not dysfunctional. This is unfair for several reasons. One is that some families are not dysfunctional. Another reason is that while there was no substance abuse,violence, etc. in the Cleaver family, it was not perfect. Wallie and Beaver got into trouble sometimes.  Ward made plenty of mistakes in dealing with the kids. The Paper Route episode was an excellent example of this.

While Beaver's world was more innocent than ours, it was not without real world problems. There was even an episode that dealt with alcoholism. It's true that Beaver never encountered a pedophilic bicycle repairman like the kids on Diff'rent Strokes did, but I'd put that on the plus side of the ledger.

The number one arrow in the quiver of LITB critics has to be that June did her housework in heels and pearls. This was admittedly not very realistic, but there were good reasons for it. According to Wikipedia,

The actress had what she termed "a hollow" on her neck[3][8]
and thought that wearing a strand of white pearls would lighten it up
for the cameras. In later seasons, she started wearing high heels to
compensate for the fact that the actors who played her sons were growing
up and getting taller than she was.[3][9]

If  you don't trust Wikipedia, here is the same information from Ms.Billingsley herself: