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Outtake from 7/11/2011

Today's outtake is from the post:

"Except All The Others"

It was an account of a conversation I had with Elle about capitalism. I wanted the post to be mostly about the pros and cons of capitalism, so I left out the reason I called Elle in the first place.

After I discovered that my regular HVAC repair service and one of my favorite restaurants had both closed down, I began thinking of how fleeting the things we love the most are. This naturally led to thoughts of how the people we love are not here forever, and how important it is that we let them know they are loved and valued. So I called  Elle and told her how glad I was that she is part of my life. She seemed surprised, but genuinely touched.

Then we had the economics discussion, the topic of the post.

I hadn't initially thought of that post when I first had the idea of outtakes. The death of my friend Valerie brought back to mind how easily we can lose the people we love. That's an important thing to remember, and I'm grateful I got a reminder. But I wished I could have gotten  it from something like a restaurant going out of business the way  I did before.