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Writer's Block: Black Friday

What's the last thing you bought?
A most fortuitious question. I usually buy myself a book or three to celebrate my anniversary of not drinking, and since this last one was number 10, I allowed myself to go hogwild and purchased the following:

  1. Patricia O'Connor-Words Fail Me
  2. John Dean-Warren G. Harding (American Presidents Series)
  3. Martin Phillips-Corpse In Armor
  4. James Delingpole-Watermelons: The Green Movements True Colors
  5. Will Cuppy-How To Be  A Hermit
  6. Niall Ferguson-Civilization: The West And The Rest
  7. Ben Stein- What Would Ben Stein Do?
  8. Elmore Leonard- On The Trail Of The Apache
  9. Larry McMurtry-Telegraph Days
  10. H.G. Wells-The Time Machine