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Poetry Reading After-Action Report Dec 8.

Classes ended Wednesday, so I had no teaching obligations to keep me away from last nights poetry reading. It also happened to coincide with the anniversary of John Lennon's death. In memory of this, Jonathan began the reading with some recitations from John Lennon's In His Own Write/A Spaniard In The Works, including an amusing parody of Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud."

I brought three poems, none of which were original. I read the Heavy D haiku that I included in an earlier entry. I also read a poem called Holes I had written a long time ago. It's possible I had never read it at any of the readings Jonathan has hosted. And of course, I read my Christmas sonnet, with my usual assurance I wouldn't be hurt if the people who'd heard it before went outside for a smoke.

Nobody went outside. Maybe it's because people don't smoke as much as they used to (although I didn't mean that part literally.) Or maybe they wanted to hear it again. And there were some new people.

At any rate, here is the Christmas sonnet, which I redundantly put in my blog post every year. Maybe someday I will write a new one. Until then, gentle reader, if you'd rather not read it again, feel free to go outside for a smoke. Or play Angry Birds.

A Christmas Benediction

May tigers, wolves, and wildebeests not wait
Outside your door. May scary monsters flee
Your domicile. Let poltergeists vacate
Your home and not end you felicity.

May passion fruit and armagnac and cheese
From Holland grace your table every day.
May angels guard your cupboard; Let it please
Them always to keep lack and want at bay.

May loved ones all seem lovelier and foes
Bring chocolates to your door. May strangers greet
You as a friend and may you see in those
You know unknown virtues you’ve yet to meet.

May blessings fall at Christmastime my friend
On you like snowflakes falling without end.


I kinda like the way you write
Why thank you Val. :)