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Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?
I've met several famous people (as I guess most people have after enough years of life.) One of my meetings is particularly memorable though. There was a guy who looked like Carrot Top I used to see a lot of in the Johnson Building, the building I worked in at the time. One night I was standing outside my favorite watering hole and I thought I saw him about to come in. I pointed at him and said "Hey I know who you are!" as if I was recognizing someone famous. Then I paused and said "I've seen you in the Johnson building!". I thought that was very clever. Actually I thought that about most of the things I said in my drinking days.

He said "The Johnson Building? The Johnson Building?". He was pleasant enough about it but seemed confused.

After he went inside the guy working the door said to me "That really was Carrot Top."

I guess I wasn't so clever all.

Later in the evening I found him inside the bar and apologized to him. He was very nice about it. He patted my hand and said "Just don't tell my parents. They think I live in Los Angeles."