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Greatest Hits 2011

Here are links to what I believe are my best postings from the year 2011. The number of links is usually the greater of 10 or 10% of the number of entries for that year. I made 163 entries in 2011, so I'm putting 16 links here. They are in no particular order.
  1.  Buffets and temptation
  2.  Hayek and Powerpoint
  3.  A victory for climate skeptics
  4. Writer's Block: Put it all together, it spells Mother
  5. Hail and Farewell Glenn Beck part II
  6. Yet Another Epiphany
  7. Libertarianism & Social Liberalism
  8. Writer's Block: One sweet day
  9. Post #900- Charles Bukuowski
  10. 10 years an ex-drunk 
  11. Why Oskar Schindler is one of my heroes
  12. Wisdom and Virtue
  13. Writer's Block: Starstruck
  14. Postfix Notation & Good & Evil
  15. The Unforgiving Minute 
  16. The best blog post ever, and my own inferior tampon experiment