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Elle a phants

I had lunch with Elle yesterday, and for some reason the topic of lunchtime discussion was elephants. I'm pretty sure Elle brought it up. She had read a book a while back called When Elephants Weep, and she had recently come across another story about the trials of elephants in captivity.

She was concerned about the plight of these elephants. I was too, at least in theory. By "in theory", I meant I know I should have been concerned. My problem is that I have a hard time maintaining a serious attitude during discussions about elephants. Elephants are just funny. They make me think of this joke, and of course elephant jokes in general.

Then she said something about "elephant abuse" and I burst out laughing. I know that makes me a horrible person. I realize that animal abuse is a serious problem, even when the animal is a really funny one like an elephant. I just got this mental image of elephants sitting on Oprah Winfrey's stage, telling their tales of woe.

She gave me a stern look. I'm sure I deserved worse. But god bless her, not only did she remain my friend, but she did not give up on turning me into a caring person who has a place in his heart for abused elephants. That night she emailed me a link to the elephant story she was telling me, with the admonition 'if you do not get misty I will give you When Elephants Weep  for your birthday.'

Here is the youtube video with the elephant story. I have to admit, I was very touched by the elephants keeper. He  formed an emotional bond with them that genuinely moved me. Hell, he has me writing seriously about elephants. That alone makes him an exceptional human being.

I emailed her back and told her how moved I was by the story, and I was completely sincere. Still, I probably should have to read When Elephants Weep as a penance. Maybe even write a book report.