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The Republican Primaries

I haven't blogged as much about the primaries this year as I did in 2008. In fact, I haven't blogged about it all. I don't follow politics or news as much as I did then. I haven't even watched any of the debates. 

Still, during an election year it's hard to completely insulate oneself from the political news. I've learned a few things and formed a few opinions.

Huntsman and Perry are out, respectively endorsing Romney and Gingrich. I'm not sure if Perry's endorsement will undo the damage caused by the ABC interview with Marianne Gingrich.

I plan on voting for Ron Paul in May, regardless of what's been decided. I've heard a lot of the criticisms of Paul, and agree with some of them. The people who say he is soft on defense have a point. But I do appreciate the fact that he is reluctant to take America into war, and his policies, flawed as they are, would be a refreshing change from the neo-Wilsonian nation building that recent presidents have engaged in.

Overall, I think Paul wants to move the country too far in the right direction. The "right direction" part trumps the "too far" part for me. He is too principled to change direction, but Washington politics will make it impossible for him to move too far.