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I have never seen "The Vagina Monologues" and don't have much of a desire to. So when I saw a booth in the student union today promoting it, I initially had no desire to stop.

But then I noticed a sign that said "vagina lollypops". Wow. Monologues are one thing, lollypops are another. So I stopped to investigate. There were indeed selling lollypops that looked like vaginas.* The young lady at the booth told me that proceeds from the sales would go to fund battered women's shelters.

Something about the combination of helping damsels in distress and getting candy that looked like female naughty bits completely  melted my sales resistance.

After I purchased the lollypop the young lady continued to talk about the good things that would be done with the money. I held up my hand to interrupt her. "You had me at 'vagina'" I told her.

*Strictly speaking, they looked like vulvas, but lets not quibbleun