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Christopher Hitchens in Vanity Fair

Today, as I often do, I purchased a copy of Vanity Fair from the magazine rack in my local grocery store.I'll probably never do it again, because this was the issue that had Christopher Hitchens last article in it. He was always the reason I read Vanity Fair. Without him, it will just be GQ for pseudo-intellectuals.

There was also a memorial piece by Salmon Rushdie which was both touching and informative. Hitchens came to Rushdie's defense after the Satanic Verses fatwah. Rushdie stayed for a while at Hitchens apartment, and Hitchens brushed off warnings from the feds that he was putting himself in danger.Peter Hitchens, in a piece written shortly after his brothers death, said "The one word that comes to mind when I think of my brother is ‘courage’". I certainly agreed, but until I read Rushdies article today I had no idea of the extent.

The Hitchens piece itself was itself an appreciation of Charles Dickens. It is an excellent display of Hitchens erudtion and excellence, and is a good piece to remember him by.



I did as well

I did the very same thing. My first purchased copy of this magazine. I will miss Christopher so much. Read all he wrote. Watched every debate I could. Was hoping to see him this April in Australia.

Very brave.

Re: I did as well

Thanks for your input. This was the first comment I've gotten in a couple of weeks that wasn't spam. :)

Please understand I would have appreciated your kind words anyway.I'm always happy when someone takes the time to express appreciation for what I write.