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The State Of My Brain

On the debit  side:

I locked myself out of my office about half an hour ago and just got back in.

I brought the wrong notes to my database class today. The classroom is a long way from my office, so there was no time to go back to get the right ones.

On the credit side:

The other night over dinner, I started thinking about the number 1729 (as all math nerds occasionally do over dinner), and wondered how it could be demonstrated that it is a Carmichael number. I came up with a proof that (n1728-1)%1729 = 0 for n<1729. I then derived a general rule for determining if a number is a Carmichael number, and established that 561 was one too.

I did all this without pen and paper. And I haven't studied Carmichael numbers in a while.

In spite of not having any notes, I managed to give my database class a pretty good lecture on relational algebra, complete with examples.


My brain doesn't do everything it is supposed to do for me. On the other hand the positive evidence can't be ignored, so I think dementia is still along ways off. Also, I have the flu so no part of me is firing on all cylinders. I think I'm OK.
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