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Valentines Day

Yesterday was a very special valentines day. Elle took me to see They Might Be Giants at McGlohon theatre. It was a wonderful show, and Elle as always was wonderful company.

Jonathan Coulton opened, as he did when TMBG played at the Visulite. He had a band with him this time. He might have had one when he played at the Visulite, but I don't remember. He didn't have his zendrum with him, probably out of deference to his band members so he didn't do Mr. Fancy Pants. Alas. But he did do Code Monkey so all was well. He also did an nerdy and oddly poignant song about Pluto and it's moon. (Apparently they always face each other...I always learn something whenever I see Coulton or TMBG.)

TMBG opened with "She's An Angel" from their first album. I was happy to see that they still hadn't forgotten their longtime fans and were still doing a lot of material from their early albums. They did "Cowtown", "Ana Ng", "Snowball In Hell", and "Mister Me" from Lincoln. The studio version of Snowball in Hell includes a sampled dialog from a motivational tape, In the concert version this was replaced by a video dialog by The Avatars Of They, or to the uninitiated, a couple of sock puppets. It was pretty funny, but they extended and changed it so much I had to explain it to Elle (who is not the aficionado that I am.)

They also performed several songs from Flood, including "Dead", "Birdhouse In Your Soul", and for the encore "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)". I actually get a little emotional when I hear "Birdhouse". I hope that doesn't make me a hipster.

They didn't do "Why Does The Sun Shine" but they did perform "Why Does The Sun Really Shine" , a song intended to correct errors in the original song. (It turns out that it is a miasma of plasma rather than a mass of incandescent gas.)  They also performed "James K Polk" which as far as I know, is error free. Although the background video contained images of William Allen White rather than James K Polk. They really should fix that.

I enjoyed the show. What I really enjoyed was knowing a woman who would take me out to see a nerd-rock band on Valentines day. I am the luckiest man in the world

In addition to great music (and great playing), there were some crazy hijinks. There was a parody of Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (complete with a sample of Crazy Train) hosted by the Avatars Of They, who also sang a cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid.  
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