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Jersey Boys

One of Elle's Christmas gifts to me was tickets to see Jersey Boys, which we used yesterday afternoon. The TMBG tickets were a Christmas gift too. She was really way too generous. Not that I really mind.

Before the play started, Elle offered me a lifesaver. She said it was one of the lifesavers I gave her for Christmas. No, I didn't just give her lifesavers. I got her a gift card too. But it still wasn't a lot, and she was still sharing with me what little I gave her! I really need to blow it out on her birthday.

I am usually not a fan of musicals, but I always enjoy attending them with Elle, if only for her company. I expected to like JB a little better than most musicals, but it far surpassed that.  I was pleasantly surprised by the jaw-dropping spectacle I saw. 

The singing and acting were great, and I learned some interesting trivia. Joe Pesci was  a character. Apparently he knew them before he or they were famous. Interestingly, one of the Four Seasons is named Tommy DeVito, which is also the name of the character Pesci played in Goodfellas. 

In addition to the great performances, Jersey Boys had the best use of multimedia I've ever seen.Especially impressive were the scenes where they were on American Bandstand and Ed Sulllivan. Cameras were on stage, and on a screen overhead you saw the video in the grainy black and white style from the period. 

I actually enjoyed this more than the TMBG show. I never thought I'd say that about any musical. I would tell anyone reading this who thinks they don't like musicals to try The Jersey Boys. It's amazingly good.
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