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Poetry Reading After Action Report 3/8/2012

The turnout was very sparse at the monthly poetry reading tonight. There were only six readers. I only brought two haiku, and given the light turnout regretted that I had not brought more material.

I had a few minutes, so I reproduced my poem Angel from memory. This poem was in a form I invented that I call baiku.It is 6 lines with syllable counts 5-7-5-5-7-5 and a rhyme scheme  of abcabc. The strict form makes reproduction from memory a lot easier. I was also able to reproduce another poem called A Pig , which is in blank verse. That's not quite as strict a form, but I have read it so many times it's just easy to remember. Then I wrote a haiku about Davy Jones. I had already "written" one about him, but I wanted another. The reason for this will be explained presently (along with my reason for putting "written" in quotes.)

Jonathan started the reading with a few poems from his collection Shooting Pool With  A Cellist. There was some quiet applause afterwards and he said "thank you for the flatulent applause." I think the metaphor he was looking for was "anemic" but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to be pedantic.

Although I was able to resist pedantry, I was completely unable to resist being a smartass after he had introduced the subject of flatulence. So I shouted "at least it's not real flatulance." He responded "hey, I wouldn't mind that" to which I responded "Get thee behind me Satan!". Then I decided to shut up until it was my turn to read.

Jonathan is very patient and tolerant.

I figured I had time for one extra poem, and couldn't make up my mind between Angel and A Pig. I was leaning towards the latter, but when he introduced me as a "haiku master" I could not resist sharing my variation on the haiku form. I read that, and then this haiku:

Whitney Houston

You were loved in life
And now that you're gone, your fans
Will always love you

Then I introduced my Davy Jones haiku by saying "I'm on vacation, so I decided to let Davy Jones write his own haiku." Then I read the Haiku I didn't really write:

Davy Jones

Cheer up sleepy Jean
Oh what can it mean to a 
Daydream believer

Even though I was more jazzed about that than any other poetry I had ever found, I still felt I owed my audience something original. Thus the following:

Davy Jones (second haiku)

You were the cutest
But what did your mom invent?
Mike Nesmith you weren't.