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Birthday Part II

I had so many nice things posted on my facebook page for my birthday that mentioning them all in my previous post would have made it way too long. Thus this entry.

There were at least 3 haiku besides the ones I posted in the previous entry. Two of them had my name in it, which is unusual enough to identify me. Fortunately, it only has one syllable so I will substitute my abbreviated nom de blog "Doc".

My friend Ian (along with his dad Dan) made quite an impressive effort. He wrote a haiku in japanese and translated it into English with the correct syllable count. Here it is:

"Another year: summer, autumn, winter and spring. You are still alive."
"One more year passes:
summer, autumn, winter, spring.
You are still alive."

Here's one my friend Ross wrote (this will be obscure to people who don't know me IRL)

Elephants getting
you down? Get a stick to twirl.
Happy birthday, Doc.

  And here's one from my friend Rob:  
Happy birthday Doc
I sure hope it is special
Wish you all the best!!

Finally, my friend Rachel posted the following video