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Rush Limbaugh & Sponsor Boycotts

 I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh, except in my car when I'm driving and he happens to be on the air. So I wasn't listening when he called Sandra Fluke a slut.I also didn't hear Sandra Fluke's testimony.

That's all beside the point right right now. What's pertinent is that many on the left are using Rush's remark as an occasion to intimidate his sponsors into pulling their advertising, and ultimately drive him off the air.

I don't know if they will succeed or not. One of my facebook friends recently posted the following article that suggests they might:

BREAKING: 98 Major Advertisers Dump Rush Limbaugh, Other Right-Wing Hosts

This is a left-wing site, so maybe the success of sponsor boycotts is exaggerated. Maybe it's not though. The article points out that the "advertising flight is reminiscent of Glenn Beck’s Fox News program",  which was cancelled due to sponsors pulling out.

I wrote earlier about my disapproval of what was done to Glenn Beck, and of sponsor boycotts in general. I said at the time 

I disagree with the views of Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. So I don't watch their programs. That's the extent of my boycott. I don't know who their sponsors are , and don't really care. If I happen to accidentally do business with one of their sponsors, I am perfectly OK with that.
I don't let politics guide my every decision in life.

If Rush Limbaugh is driven off the air, I may reconsider this position. Unilateral disarmament may not be such a good idea after all. Especially when it results in a left-liberal monopoly on political speech.



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