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Elle's Dream

Elle dropped by my office today for a brief chat before we both started advising. She told me she'd had a dream about me last night.

She's had dreams about me before. Alas, they are not always flattering. For instance, once she dreamed I was wearing a tweed jacket with a poop stain on it. :(

This dream was different. The apocalypse had come and the world was entering a new ice age. All the animals were going into the woods to die, and the people were following them. Then I stopped and said "Wait a minute. We're human. We don't have to die" and turned around and went in the other direction. 

I sat down and started writing down some binary numbers. I was designing a computer. (At least that's what Elle thought I was doing, and since it was her dream, that's enough to make it true.)

So somewhere in Elle's mind, I am the guy who saves humanity from extinction and begins the process of rebuilding modern technology. To say that I am flattered would be a gross understatement.

I have a lot to live up to now (which is a good thing).