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As far back as I can remember....

I went to get my car registration renewed today. The registration renewal near my office had closed, so I had to go way across town. I knew where it was, but I hadn't driven to that part of town in a while.

On my way there, I passed a vacant lot where a movie theater used to be. The movie theater was the one where I first saw Goodfellas on the big screen.

It was that memorable.

I loved it so much I told my father he should see it. This was unusual. I seldom drag anyone, especially my dad, to a movie because it's a "must see". But really, that's because there are so few movies so good people actually MUST see them. Goodfellas is an exception.

I saw Goodfellas again with him about a week later. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I had seen it a week before and he preferred somewhat older fare.

It was that good.