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My Day

I taught naked today. Not literally. I sometimes like to teach without any notes or prompts. It is a little like standing in front of the class naked if you are not prepared.

The class was data structures. I'd arrived at work, and made a last minute decision not to go up to my office to get my notes. The subject was heaps, which I have taught many times in many different classes. I was able to show an example of a heap, show how elements are added and removed, and how a heap is best represented entirely from my head.

Teaching naked only works for a few select subjects.

After class, I browsed the internet a bit before getting back to work. I found an interesting post at James Altucher's blog which contained the following tidbit:

 Everyone gives the advice, “picture everyone in the audience naked.” I guess that’s supposed to make you at ease somehow. Everyone naked. Haha.

But it’s bullshit. Picturing everyone in the audience naked sounds repulsive to me. How am I supposed to speak in a room filled with naked people? ...

Instead, do this: picture YOURSELF naked. And say, “I’m sorry folks. Someone gave me the advice that I should picture all of you naked. I’d rather not offend you in that way so for the next hour you should PICTURE ME naked while I talk.” You’ll get some laughs. You can begin your talk. And, if you’re built like me, you’ll probably get a lot of phone numbers at the end.

OK, i didn't do that. And it's probably good that I didn't, because unlike James Altucher, I am 54 years old and very overweight. But still, I taught naked, if only metaphorically.

Great minds do think alike.