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Writer's Block: Cover Me

Toby Keith singing Ke$ha? Kenny G saxing it up with Megadeth? Pick an artist to cover any other artist's song -- who would be singing what? Why would you find this mix-up so amusing, amazing, or just plain weird?

I actually suggested a similar question back in 2009 shortly after Elle and  I saw Willie Nelson with Asleep At The Wheel. We had a wonderful time together and it was a very memorable day. Even more wonderful and memorable than drinking sangria in the park.

On the way home, while I was thinking about what a perfect day we'd had, it occured to me that I would really love to hear Willie Nelson sing Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". Of course part of the reason was that I'd had a damn near perfect day that involved Willie Nelson. But it's also easy to imagine him singing it. His voice is unusually well suited to that song.