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Poetry Reading After Action Report 4/12/2012

I brought two haiku to last night's poetry reading. I had one for Mike Wallace and one for Thomas Kinkade. Jonathan asked me if I had one for Earl Scruggs. I'd forgotten about him, so I cobbled one together. That sort of thing seems to happen a lot, but the resulting haiku are often not too shabby (which isn't to say they aren't shabby at all.) I also noticed that my Thomas Kinkade haiku had eight syllables in the second line, so I had to think up a quick fix for that. Fortunately I came up with a seven syllable line that wasn't too contrived.

Here are the haiku:

Thomas Kincade

Balm to common souls,
Irritant to elitists,
You served great purpose

Mike Wallace

"Mike Wallace is here"
Always scary words, but now
Even scarier!

Earl Scruggs

The story of Jed
Will remain untold for now
The hills are silent