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Today Is April 19th

Today is the anniversary of quite a few historical events. I enumerated several of them in a much earlier post. The one that still looms largest in my mind is the fire at Waco, even though it was 19 years ago. The whole Waco siege the worst atrocity committed by the American government against American citizen, even if you believe that the Branch Davidians themselves started the fire. The fire was started only after a 51 day siege during which the Branch Davidians were submitted to a relentless psy-ops campaign. And after the fire started, federal agents blocked firefighters from doing anything to help. That alone was criminally negligent.

I posted this link to an article about Waco  by David Hardy on my facebook page. My friend steeltoe responded with a link to a picture he took at the site of the Branch Davidian's home. 

Here are links to a couple of other informative pages on Waco:

Michael Rivero's Waco Page

We’re All Branch Davidians Now

Since my first post about April 19th, I've learned of a couple of other noteworthy events that happened on this day. One of them is that today is Bicycle Day, the anniversary of Albert Hoffman first intentionally ingesting LSD, back in 1943. It is also the birthday of pioneer computer scientist Fred Brooks. He was celebrating his 12th birthday while Albert Hoffman was tripping. Interesting.

And Levon Helms died today. He was a great musician with a lot of talent and a lot of heart. He also had a minor acting career, most famously playing Loretta Lynn's father in Coal Miner's Daughter. He was also in a wonderful buried treasure of a film called End Of The Line, which I highly recommend. He added a lot to American culture and touched a lot of people with his music. He will be missed.