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3 Things I Learned From Mr.Fancypants

This article is a sort of   homage to James Altucher, who often makes posts with similar titles and formats. Here are some examples:

This differs from Altucher's blog posts  in that Mr.Fancy Pants is not a famous person but a song by Jonathan Coulton. Here is a video of him singing it in San Francisco:

This is my favorite Coulton song, and it has taught me three things.

If you commit yourself to creating something on a regular basis, you will eventually come up with something really cool.

As he said in the introduction, Mr. Fancy Pants was of his Thing A Week. He committed himself to coming up with a new song every week. As far as I know, this is the only Thing-A-Week song I've heard. But it doesn't matter if I hate the rest. This one is great, and it might not have been created if he hadn't forced himself to come up with something on a weekly basis.

If your audience likes it, go with it even if you don't like it yourself.

You saw how much the audience loved the song in the video. But you will also notice Coulton apologizing for it. He thought it was a throwaway. Creative integrity is important, but so is your audience. There would be no point in creating without them.

I had this realization on a much smaller scale with my memorial haiku. I've always thought they were trivial and felt like I should bring something to the poetry readings. But everyone at the poetry readings loves them. That counts for something, probably more than I think it does. That's why I still write haiku about the recently departed every month. (If I haven't made it clear, I know my stature as a poet is nowhere near Coulton's as a singer/songwriter. But I think that's the only place the analogy breaks down.)

Anything with the word "pants" in it is funny

An obvious and trivial point I know. I threw it in because two items is not enough for a list-style posting.