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Poetry Reading After Action Report 5/10/2012

I almost didn't make the poetry reading last night. I'd given three exams  Wednesday and Thursday that needed grading, and final grades are due Monday. 

But I am a die hard, and decided to just bring some tests with me and grade them while other people were reading. I usually don't like to do things like that. When I'm one of the readers at a poetry reading, I believe it's better etiquette to listen (or at least not be visibly occupied with other things) while others are reading. But the alternative was not going at all.

So I can't tell you much about the other readers this time. I read the following haiku:

Dick Clark
You lived well, died old
And still left a handsome corpse
Well played, Mr. Clark

Adam Yauch
Death comes to us all
And to people we admire
But y MCA?

Levon Helm
Stoneman's Calvarly
Plundered much, but took nothing
As dear as Levon

Maurice Sendak
Cherry blossoms fall
And the wild things are silent
Their father is gone

George Lindsey
Spaghetti mishaps,
Bad impressions. Despite these,
Goober will be missed.

By the time the coffee shop closed, I'd gotten one classes worth of exams graded and got a good start on another. It was a pretty good reading.