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My friend Annie's Intentional Living blog

My friend Annie has a blog called Intentional Living as The Rogue Chef/Yogi/Gardener. She used to have a blog in which she was merely The Rogue Chef. She appears to have expanded her scope.

I saw her this morning in the coffee shop where we briefly chatted about it. I told her I thought the broadening of her topic was a good idea. In my mind, it's hard to be a prolific blogger when you limit yourself to one topic. (A possible exception is motherhood....mommie bloggers always seem to have something new to write about.)

I know that I would not have nearly a thousand entries in this blog if it was only about a single topic. I know for a while this was the Ira Yarmolenko blog to a lot of  people, which is great. But as much as I poured my heart into blogging about her, I still blogged about other things. And I only had 28 entries about Ira.

I didn't share all of these thoughts with Annie. There was someone there that I didn't want to know about my blog.

She said that the single topic hadn't been a problem, she just hadn't been keeping up the blog because she was busy living life. That sounded like a good idea to me. Living your life gives you something to blog about.

Although she is writing about multiple  topics, they all appear to fall under the umbrella theme of "intentional living" Her credo is "I choose everything I do. I take responsibility for ALL my actions". 

That's not a bad philosophy. My life would be a lot better now if I'd had that good a head on my shoulders when I was her age. I did arrive at the idea of "intentional living" when I was a lot older than she is. To me, it is having some rationale for everything you do. Even if it's sitting around doing nothing (sometimes you need to recharge your batteries.)

I'm looking forward to seeing her explore this philosophy. I know I'll enjoy it and will probably learn a thing or two.